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Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (1st : 1996 : University of Adelaide).
Proceedings of the First Australasian Conference on General Relativity and
Gravitation : 12-17 February, 1996, Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Adelaide.
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Gravitational wave detection
A cosmological background of gravitational waves produced by supernovae in the early universe D.G. Blair and L. Ju 1
The development of technology for high performance laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors at the UWA C.N. Zhao, J. Winterflood, M. Taniwaki, M. Notcutt, J. Liu, L. Ju, D.G. Blair 7
Numerical relativity
Post-Newtonian smooth particle hydrodynamics M.C. Thompson and J.J. Monaghan 13
Einstein equations in the null quasi-spherical gauge: Progress report Robert Bartnik 25
Spectral collocation methods for solution of Einstein's equations in null quasi-spherical coordinates Andrew H. Norton 39
Computational methods in the physical interpretation of Robinson-Trautman spacetimes Daniel A. Prager and Anthony W.C. Lun 48
Using Riemann normal coordinates in numerical relativity Leo Brewin 60
An application of Regge calculus to axisymmetric initial data A.P. Gentle and L.C. Brewin 68
Mathematical relativity and classical gravitation
The cosmological singularity Peter Szekeres 79
The gravitational effects of cusps on cosmic strings Malcolm R. Anderson 93
Square of general relativity D.V. Gal'tsov 105
Remarks on the Yilmaz and Alley papers Edward D. Fackerell 117
On the key functions of axisymmetric gravitation P.C. Waylen 132
Debye potentials for the massless Dirac equation in algebraically special spacetimes Philip Charlton 135
Gauge invariant perturbations of black holes using the modified Newman-Penrose formalism Joe F.Q. Fernandes and Anthony W.C. Lun 146
Quantum gravity
How wrinkled is the surface of a black hole? Rafael D. Sorkin 163
Quantum cosmology, supersymmetry, and the problem of time Hugh Luckock 175
Solving the fine-tuning problem of inflation Andrew Matacz 191
Quantum gravity: A brief review Tze-Chuen Toh 196
Holonomies in quantum gravity E.E. Wood 210
Pregeometric modelling of the spacetime phenomenon Reginald T. Cahill and Christopher M. Klinger 217
Polarisation of instantons in the SO(4) gauge theory results in gravity M.Yu. Kuchiev 228
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