Kerr Prize

Since 2009 the Society has awarded the Kerr Prize, in honour of Professor Roy Kerr, to mark the best student presentation(s) at an Australasian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation (ACGRG). Past recipients of the Kerr Prize are listed below:

ACGRG 11 (2022)
Ben Grace
Lucy Strang
ACGRG 10 (2019)
Jessica Santiago
ACGRG 9 (2017)
Hayley Macpherson
Min Jet Yap
ACGRG 8 (2015)
Ling Sun
Arthur Suvorov
ACGRG 7 (2013)
Valentina Baccetti
Andrew Wade
ACGRG 6 (2012)
Kyle Tate
Philip Threlfall
ACGRG 5 (2009)
Richard Barry
Maya Watanabe